The Others...
Wednesday, December 29, 2004
I drear the days, when you leave me t times.
How can I feel your close to me,
Such feeling so sublime?
Without you, I'm in a state of worry.
Without you, everything seems blurry,
A spell that's just so nasty!
My love, how can you be without me for long?
We are the notes that complete our song,
With merely a note, it is quite wrong.
To see your face, you being next to me
Is like the door that leads to ecstacy
How else can it be?
I don't know how I'll be 'til you're back in my arms,
and with your steel blue eyes, be charmed -
To fill my heart again with warmth.
Come back, my love, without you I simply cannot be.
Let us be together for all eternity,
Just you and me. Just you and me.

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